Product Care

Below is a list of information on how to care for each product, along with some instructions on how to use the products to get the best use from them.

Soy Candles

Please ensure you read the 'Candle Care' instruction card before lighting your candle.

When you first burn your candle, make sure you have some time and allow it to burn all the way to the edge of the glass.

Candles should be stored in a cool environment, room temperature or below.

It is best to extinguish the flame by using a snuffer or dipping the wick into the wax until it is not lit anymore. This ensures that there won't be any smoke from the wick, as this happens if you blow it out. By blowing out the candle it can also create a black ring around the edge of the glass, it does not affect the next burn, although is ascetically not pleasing.


Wax Melts

Place your oil burner in a safe place, away from drafts or anything flammable and out of reach from pets and children.

Do not add water to oil burner. Never leave the oil burner unattended.

Wax Melts should be stored in a cool environment, room temperature or below.


Reed Diffusers

Before using the Reed diffuser, there is a clear stopper that must be removed for the top of the bottle.

Once removed, place your reed diffuser sticks into the bottle to absorb the oil. 

You can flip the sticks regularly, every few days or once a week is suggested. 

The reed diffuser will continue to evaporate into the air, leaving the space smelling lush.


Car Diffusers

Unscrew the wooden lid and remove the inner plastic stopper. 

Screw the wooden lid back onto the bottle (do not close too tightly).

Tip the bottle until the wood is soaked in the fragrance oil, avoiding getting the string wet.

Place the inner plastic stopper back into the bottle.

Please do not touch the diffuser when driving.

In the event of an accident, the oils could be ingested, please seek medical attention immediately.

Keep away from children, pets and anyone who has hypersensitivity to perfumes.

To prevent damage to the car interior, wipe any spills immediately with a dry cloth, then with a damp cloth.