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Bubble Cube Candle

Bubble Cube Candle

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This candle is made with love and care, of soy wax, with a cotton wick.
Our Candles are designed for decorative and ornamental use, giving your home an aesthetic decor.

Perfect gift idea:
- House warming gift,
- Birthday gift,
- Gift for interior designer,
- Gift for her,
- Gift for him.

Candles are hand poured in Melbourne, making each candle an original. 

For this reason, little imperfections (such as small air bubbles). Irregularities may be expected, but they do not affect the quality of the product

The candles may develop small white marks known as 'frosting'. This is a natural process of the soy wax and can be gently rubbed off using your fingertips. The Bubble Cube Candles are handmade and may have some imperfections. 

If you wish to use this candle as a decorative piece, please place it on a candle tray or dish, ensuring your surface does not get ruined.
Place the candle on a stable, heat-resistant surface. I recommend using a candle holder specifically designed for candle use.
The holder should be heat resistant, sturdy, and large enough to catch any drips or hot melted wax.


Size: 6cm x 6cm x 6cm

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