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The only candle you will never want to burn. 

Individually hand made and poured right here in Melbourne. Each candle is unique and there will not be two that look identical, just the same as any female. Please note that fragrances like vanilla or caramel may change the colour of your candle over time.  

Meet Cleo, inspired by Cleopatra, the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. 

Beauty was not the only asset Cleopatra had, she was a well educated and intelligent woman. She actively influenced Roman politics at a crucial time. One of Cleopatra's most known assets was that she represented women everywhere, by being the first woman to rule an empire for over a decade, in a time where it was not heard of. 

Cleopatra was able to bring peace and prosperity to a Egypt, a country which was once bankrupt and was able to stabilise the country. 

Cleo stands 9cm tall and 6cm wide. She is too beautiful to burn, although if you do want to, the burn time is approximately 45 minutes, she will need to be placed on a heat proof dish, one you don't mind getting wax on. Cleo is available in all of our fragrances. 

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